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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alyn 2010

IYH, after taking a year off, I will be doing the Alyn Ride again in October.

The preliminary itinerary just came out. We start in Mitzpeh Ramon and tool around in the Negev for four days until we climb back up to Jerusalem, via the Judean Hills. Some details: We will climb into and out of both HaMachtech Ramon (Ramon Crater) and HaMachtesh Hagadol (The Great Crater). We will also climb Mt. Harif.

I've stayed in Mitzpeh Ramon during the ride twice, including the first night of my first ride (when I could barely sleep I was so excited). I've done the two craters (Hagadol twice) but I don't recall whether I've done Har Harif. I'm not sure which route they are going to take up to J'lem but I'm assuming it may be Nes Harim or Ramat Raziel. In any event it will certainly include a climb to Ein Kerem which is very close to the Alyn Hospital.

(This will be my sixth ride but my fourth time in the South. The country ain't that big so you're bound to repeat once you've done the ride more than twice.)

(Speaking of which, I'm davening that they don't return to stay overnight at the Mamshit Bedouin tent. Been there (twice). Done that. It's great if you're seventeen, not when you are more than three times seventeen. Cold showers. Bad food. No place to get a beer or a decent cup of coffee. Sleeping on a cot three inches from other riders who snore the night away after riding 80 miles. It doesn't get any better. PsycleSteve really misses that place.)

In any event, I'm pumped. With pitchers and catchers reporting in the next couple of days, how long can it be before we're back on the road.



  • At 11:29 AM, Blogger PsycleSteve said…

    When I received the Alyn email yesterday I had a feeling I'd see this post today.

    From your recent posts; ie max HR 179, >1hr on trainer, 7 lb weight loss - you sound like you'll be a force to contend with in October. I smell a Challenge Ride in the brewing...

    Speaking of smell, JENDEIS was correct in his post. The body becomes more efficient at whatever you make it do. If you eat kishka all day while watching farbrengen videos it becomes adept at fat storage. If you constantly push it to where your core temperature overheats, it becomes better at thermoregulation (ie cools better with less sweat).

    PS You had to bring it up. Despite my right wing "Nile-to-Euphrates" philosophy, Mamshit(heavily accented last syllable)is the one place I would allow the arabs to have!

  • At 12:24 PM, Blogger MoChassid said…

    Thanks for the insight.

    I am definitely signing up for the challenge ride. I still expect to be bringing up the rear but at least I'll be able to do that.

    I still laugh at the thought of you at the Mashit (although, as I recall, last time you found yourself a lovely indoor place right nearby).

  • At 3:44 PM, Anonymous オテモヤン said…

  • At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hope to see you.
    Hope to be in as a good shape as I was last year.
    Had an accident on Jan 7. Flew 3 meters in the air when a senile Palestinian cut me off.
    Your a young father now, So it will definitely be hard to compete with you. my youngest will be 10 in the summer


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