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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bloomberg Headquarters...Way Cool

I had occasion to spend the morning at Bloomberg's midtown headquarters. I attended a legal ethics seminar they hosted and then got a tour of the joint from a loan market reporter with whom I frequently speak.

(Digression: My birthday, and with it, my Continuing Legal Education (CLE) reporting deadline, is fast approaching. Practicing lawyers need 24 CLE hours (including 4 ethics hours) every two years. I have over 60 hours but zero ethics hours. I have so many CLE credits because (a) my firm runs many seminars every year and (ii) I speak on many panels and speakers get triple credit. (Note to self: Next cycle, organize an ethics panel and put yourself on the panel).)

But I digress.

The place is very cool. High tech (as you would expect), completely open (including the radio and TV studios; I got to see Tom Kean whom I love) and circular. Dow Jones (whose offices I visited a few weeks ago), are also pretty cool and similarly open and seem to have been modeled on Bloomberg.

There was lots of energy (it reminded me of a huge trading floor) and the people seemed pretty happy and engaged.

Now, if he could run the City as well as he runs his company....



  • At 6:44 PM, Blogger PsycleSteve said…

    Don't blame the mayor. Take a random walk through the various neighborhoods of the city and compare that to what you saw at Bloomberg. Garbage in - garbage out.


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