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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Two Phones

A few weeks ago, Mishpacha ran a cover story on a Chassidishe askan in Israel who, for lack of a better term, was a fixer. He got stuff done, whatever it took. Regrettably, they had him pose for the cover holding two phones, one on each ear.

My reaction was, "how did this guy let himself get photographed in such a ridiculous pose?" But I let it slide.

Then, this week, the Jewish Star published an article about a wonderful young local man who is doing a similar chesed. He runs an organization that helps people find help in a whole range of areas. I happen to know him and his family a little bit and there is no doubt that he is doing G-d's work, entirely lishma.

Sadly, they also had him pose holding a phone to each ear.

As someone who is often extremely busy (albeit not necessarily doing G-d's work (unless you think helping banks and hedge funds is G-d's work), I can tell you that I never have two phone conversations going at the same time, one in each ear. It's not possible, even for the most gifted person.

So, next time a photographer asks you to pose holding two phones, turn him down.