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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Unspeakable - But it must be spoken

I spoke this morning with my first cousin, Rabbi Yakov Horowitz (Yankie, to me).  Yankie suggested that I imagine that the leaders of Woodmere decided that they no longer needed the services of the Nassau County police.  Instead, they would self-police, with the leadership of the town making all final decisions.  Imagine that you are a member of the town and your home was broken into repeatedly.  You called on the Woodmere leadership and they either ignored you or, worse, told you not to complain as publicity about home breakins would be bad for the community and lead to lower property values.  Imagine you finally got fed up after a couple more breakins and went to the police and the police caught the perp.  Imagine that you discovered that your neighbors, who could present evidence against the perp, were being intimidated by the Woodmere leaders not to testify.  Imagine that you discovered that your children were not being accepted to summer camp and could not find a high school that would take them in.

This is more or less the outrageous situation that prevails in many ultra-chareidi neighborhoods.  But the crime isn't house break ins.  It is far, far worse.  It is widespread child abuse.  (The numbers are not important; indeed they are a distraction and I won't be drawn into that discussion.  Anyone who knows anything will admit that the issue is real and the the problem is profound).

MHW and I have been foster parents for 14 years.  We have seen the lasting damage on children that even verbal abuse or neglect can do, to say nothing of sexual abuse.  There is a churban going on and we are at an inflection point.  Courageous people are beginning to force this issue into the open and the least we can do is support them.  The chareidi community must finally be forced to deal with the abusers and the enablers who are murdering our childrens' souls.  They are rotzchim, plain and simple and they must be stopped.  There is no difference between the abusers and the enablers.  They are all murderers.  We cannot be enablers.

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