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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Pot Takes a Break

An important issue has compelled me to revisit my long-dormant blog (I had recently tried coming back to focus on a specific issue but I have been hopelessly busy and it just wasn't happening).

What could that big issue be?

The Pot, of course.

The galus wing of the MoChassid family (most of us, sadly) has just decided to visit, en masse, OOS, his lovely wife, and the rest of his beautiful Israel-based brood for Pesach.  This was brought about in a moment of inspiration by yours truly, MoC himself.  Mrs. MoC (a/k/a MHW), the grounded half of this 31-year-old union, after questioning my sanity, humored me and went along.  The rest of the children, not surprisingly, were thrilled.

But then, late the other night, I had a terrible thought.  A knot grew in my stomach.  

What about The Pot?

We would be abandoning the Pot!  We, who have never gone away for Pesach (except to parents and in-laws and not even that for many, many years) have relied on the Pot for so many years.   It looks forward to it's one day in the sun (ok, under the lights) for 364 days a year.  How could we do this to the Pot? 

But then I thought, perhaps the Pot would be happy for us knowing that we will have the rare opportunity to spend Pesach together in the Land of Our Fathers.  Maybe it even needed a year off.  Perhaps it will appreciate Pesach that much more next year when we return.

I am comforted.


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