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Friday, March 19, 2004

The Choral Carlebach Davening Experience!!!!!

Blog in DM often points out the ridiculousness of some of the ads for Jewish Music, particularly in the Boro Park Shiny Black Shoe world. I saw such an ad in this week's Five Towns Jewish Times for Neginah Orchestra's "Acapella Singers". (They also site a website,, but as of this morning there was nothing there).

The whole layout of the ad is dopey, particularly the image of a bocher in a suit and tie crouched down in an Al Jolson pose (what's up with that?).

But the most outrageous part is the piece that says:

"Ask about our original creation - The Choral Carlebach Friday Night Davening Experience"

Leave it to the shiny shoe music world to ruin something as pure and holy as a Carlebach davening. (I'm sure if it weren't impermissible on Shabbos, they would add digital techno voice distorters). And calling it ORIGINAL? The only thing original is how they can take a davening of depth and beauty (that can rest on its own), and add all kinds of garbage to turn it into an "experience" and ruin it.

In general I hate JM acapella music. (The whole concept of so-called "Sefira CDs" is a joke (and a topic for another time)).

One of the most horrible CDs I've ever heard (and that's saying a lot), Chevra's acapella destruction of Shlomo's music, is the one I hate most. (I was in a Judaica store and they were playing something that I could vaguely make out as some of Shlomo's niggunim. I told the store owner that I would have to leave the store if he didn't change the music. He said, what do you want from me, it sells. I was thinking: Gevalt. Shlomo must be spinning in his grave).)

But, I will talk more about acapella JM at another time. I've gotta do some work before Shabbos.


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