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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Clarifications on JM Predator

Regarding my earlier post on the Chassidic singer who was arrested in Jerusalem for seducing 16 year old Chareidi girls into sex and drug sessions and is now scheduled to appear at a concert in June in Manchester, England:

1. My initial link to the original post by BloginDM was broken. It is now fixed but to make it easier, here it is again:

2. The initial post did not include a link to the on-line advertisement for the concert because although as DM has also recently pointed out is common in the JM music world) the promoters sent out an email with the URL, it wasn't up and running at the time. I have added it to the original post and, again, list it here.

3. The ad features three performers. Although the subject of my post is fairly well known in JM circles, it occurred to me that many people might not know who I was talking about and might think it was one of the other artists featured in the ad. So, to be clear, I AM NOT talking about MBD or Mendy Wald.

4. It is important to note that while I do not know whether this performer has been convicted or copped a plea to the charges, when someone I trust asked the promoter of the concert about the inclusion of this performer in a Jewish music concert, the promoter admitted that he knew what the performer had done and was alleged to have done. Interestingly, the performer has also not, to my knowledge, publicly denied anything.

So, to reiterate: How is it possible that no one seems to care that this performer is going to get up again in front of people and sing words of tefilah and Torah?


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