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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

More on JM Advertising

On another topic but relating to the same ad that I referred to in my immediately preceding post, and followiing a thread that has been raised many times by BloginDm, the gaiva (conceit) or, at a minimum, lack of anivus (humility) displayed in the ad is breathtaking.

First of all, it's called the "Jerusalem Experience". It should have been called the "Brooklyn Experience" since all the performers are from Boro Park or Flatbush whose only Jerusalem experiences are as tourists. (a similar billing was given to the recent HASC concert but at least they had the decency to fly in Chaim Dovid who really is from Jerusalem).

Secondly, the ad refers to Mordecai Ben David as "the King of Jewish Music". Gag me with a spoon. Personal feelings aside (like, I can't even be in the same room when they play his stuff), how does a Chassidishe Yid allow such immodest language to be used? The King?? I will be dan l'kaf zechus (judge favorably) and assume he doesn't know about it.


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