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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

More on Parking

I received an email from a reader regarding Sunday's post on the lack of common decency exhibited by those parking near my shul.

"Your recent post about parking is rather biting. I am VERY sensitive to parking problems - I live in KGH*. (My life is a parking problem.) However, "what part of the sign do they not understand" does not address the ethics of the parking, but the intelligence of the parkers. The former is fair game for your commentary.
The latter is not. Those words are not the type that should easily emerge
from the mouth (or keyboard) of any true chossid, MO or otherwise."

(*Kew Gardens Hills - as my correspondent implies, parking in KGH is excrutiating).

I know I was being sarcastic. It's a problem I have, especially when it comes to people who have no consideration for others. I wasn't implying that anyone was stupid; just inconsiderate. Today being Rosh Chodesh Nisan, I will take it upon myself to work on that midah rah.

By the way, I didn't even note in my previous post that there is a huge parking lot less than a football field away from the shul. On Sunday morning it was virtually empty. Instead of parking illegally and blocking neighbors driveways people could have parked there and walked for less than 2 minutes.

Also, this morning there was a bris at the shul and the same thing happened again. Ich kenesht.


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