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Monday, March 15, 2004


I find it amusing that shortly after Protocols posted this:

"I'm glad that the discussion of my Shapiro article has gone so well and remained so civil. There are a few points raised that I want to address now, and I'll raise some additional issues of my own." (emphasis mine)

regarding his thread on Marc Shapiro's new book about Rambam's 13 principles of faith, the comment section deteriorated into a nasty catfight, starting with a comment about posting on Shabbos and deteriorating into personal name-calling.

Pretty funny stuff.

My own contribution to that thread (posted a couple of hours before Shabbos) was that we should all stop worrying about this issue and get ready for Shabbos. I know it sounded dopey compared to all the intellectuals (and would-be intellectuals) who were breaking down the various points of view, but all I could think about at that time was that in a few hours, after a very hard week at work, I would be sitting with my family eating my wife's gevaldik chicken soup and lukshin. I think there is nothing better to clarify Rambam's 13 ikarim than sitting around a Shabbos table with your family singing zemiros and eating chicken soup and some kugel. It may not be very sophisticated but it works for me.


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