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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Bedikas Chametz

In all of the Chassideshe seforim, bedikas chametz (the search for unleavened bread)symbolizes not just a physical, external search for chametz, but an internal search for spiritual 'chametz'. In other words, a time for introspection, for a chesbon hanefesh.

In his Shabbos Hagadol drasha Blog in Dm's Rav employed this theme and Dm follows suit in his heartfelt call to his colleagues in the Jewish music business regarding its treatment of a JM personality who has engaged in very inappropriate conduct.

Blog in Dm first raised this issue a number of months ago, wondering how the JM music establishment would react to the public revelations about the performer (that were consistent with what everyone in the JM business already suspected or knew). I picked it up a few weeks ago when I saw an on line advertisement that prominently featured this performer.

Blog in Dm is disturbed by the fact that the JM business is, in fact, doing nothing, acting as if nothing had happened. He offers a call to action with very specific suggestions as to what should be done.

I remain skeptical that the JM insiders will put aside their focus on money and take any of the sensible, concrete steps suggested by Dm. I hope I am wrong and that in the spirit of Bedikas Chametz they come to terms with the rot that is afflicting their business.


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