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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Macaroons (II) and Other Inedible Pesach Foods

Simcha of Hirhurim, in response to my post about macaroons, suggests that chocolate macaroons are "tolerable". Assuming for the sake of argument that he is correct (which he is not), my question is: so what?

Would you go the bakery on a normal Friday morning and order a dessert that is "tolerable"? Of course not. Why would you eat something for dessert on Pesach that is only tolerable?

While I'm on the topic. Did you ever try Pesach cereal? It's very similar to eating a Styrofoam coffee cup. Yet we serve them up to our kids year after year.

What about the potato starch cake mixes (or, for that matter, cakes sold in the stores)? I'd rather have marror for dessert. Can anyone can tell me the difference between cardboard and those cakes?

There's plenty of great food that you can eat for Pesach. Desserts and cereals are not among them.


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