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Friday, April 02, 2004

Mi K'amcha Yisrael

I found out in shul on Wednesday morning that a prominent member of my community was diagnosed with a very serious, life-threatening disease. He checked into the hospital that morning.

Emails went out Wednesday through the various shul and community email lists asking that people say Tehilim and that donations of blood be made on his behalf at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital. Someone I know called the hospital on Wednesday evening and was told that they had enough blood. An email to that effect went out yesterday.

Last night his shul hosted a Tehillim gathering on his behalf. It was completely SRO, attended by members of many of the shuls from the community.

I am also sure that the nashim tzidkanious of the community have already arranged to provide meals for the family for the foreseeable future.

Mi K'amcha Yisrael. Who is like Your nation, Israel?

It is especially at times like this that I thank the Ribbono Shel Olam for all He has blessed me with and for creating me as a Yid.

May Hashem grant a refuah sh'leimah b'karov mamash to Yakov Shmuel ben Yehudis.


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