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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Shiny Shoe Record Sales

BloginDm exposes a new J musician whose website claims that his debut CD "has B'H been selling fast".

The only problem with the claim is that the new CD is first being released, B'H, next Sunday, Lag B'omer, May 9th.

Dm blogs a lot about goofy JM PR, whether in ads, emails or websites (and, luckily for him, there is no dearth of material to make fun of). As I have said before, I think the JM PR is symptomatic of the deeper, fundamental problems that plague Shiny Shoe Music, i.e., gaiva (hubris) and the chase for money.

On the Yahoo shiny shoe music email group representatives of JM musicians constantly brag how many thousands of CDs their musician sold in the first days of release or how quickly the tickets for their concerts are selling. (As a sidenote, most of these claims are either outright lies (see above) or huge exaggerations). What is the purpose of generating such silly hype? Why don't they just let the music stand on its own?

I'm not saying that they shouldn't advertise; just advertise with some anava and tznius (humility and modesty).

Finally, why do all these guys have websites with photo galleries? The musicians all look virtually identical, 90% are 15 to 50 pounds overweight, and they all wear the same tailored black suit and the same shinny black shoes. Why do they think I want to see pictures of them?

UPDATE: See Velvel for a revealing exchange between Velvel and the JM musician the subject of my post. See my post above (the Apocolypse is Upon Us II) for more on this JM musician.


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