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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Tormented By "Late Man"

Late Man has recently become "Later Man".

Late Man, who for the past five years has been coming to morning minyan between 12 and 15 minutes late every day (and has only been on time to shul once in the past five years), has been coming 20 to 25 minutes late for the past two weeks.

I wouldn't care so much if he sat in the back but he crosses right in front of me every morning on the way to his front row seat. It is driving me crazy, for two reasons. First, I just can't comprehend how someone comes so consistently late every single day and it is getting under my skin. What is he thinking?

Second, as I have said before, I feel as though this is a test that I am failing miserably. I know that we are commanded to 'dan likav z'chus', judge others favorably, but I find myself unable to do so.

And, it is said in the name of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov that in these situations Hashem is giving you a chance to determine how He judges you. If you judge someone favorably, the Master of the Universe will give you the benefit of the doubt when you come up for judgment. If you judge harshly, so will He.

Oh Boy.


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