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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Holiest Week of the Year II

And certainly not because the new pope just won the arm-wrestling contest.

My Rebbe refers to the week before Pesach as the holiest week of the year, as I discussed last year at this time. Not unlike RenReb, it is hard to convince MHW of this during the long days and nights cleaning, shopping and cooking. She takes this Pesach stuff (but not herself) very seriously and has read a certain pamphlet put out by a certain Rabbi too many times. Fortunately, my Rebbe is very practical and sensible when it comes to issues of cleaning for Pesach so his advice usually helps keep things on a relatively even keel.

It is also a blessing that this year the first Seder is preceded by Shabbos. MHW and all the other holy women who work so hard will be able to rest up for the Seder and will not be falling asleep in their chicken soup.


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