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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Medical Insurance

On Shabbos afternoon at the end of Seudah Shlishis my friends were making fun of me because I took off my glasses and stuck my nose in the bencher because that was the only way I could read the fine print. Whaddaya want, I'm 50!

The problem is, I already have bi-focals. They just don't work anymore.

Finally giving in to this new reality, I called my ophthalmologist and dutifully made an appointment. The assistant told me I needed a referral for insurance. So, I called my regular doctor to get a referral. His assistant told me I needed to come in because I had not been there for over a year. I explained that the reason I had not been to his office in over a year is that, thank G-d, I've been healthy. I just can't read anything anymore. She checks the insurance. No can do. No visit, no referral. Those are THE RULES.

So now I have to leave work early on Thursday to see a doctor I don't need to see so that I can see a doctor next Monday who I need to see in order to see. And, by the way, pay another co-payment. Something is wrong here.


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