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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Mets: V'nehapoch Hu.

As Ben points out, the Mets are making for an interesting mediocre team.

After 13 games and a 6 - 7 record, it is also clear that management is clueless and doesn't understand the real game. The two players most frequently batting first and second for the Mets, Reyes and Matsui have the lowest on-base percentages (OBPs) of any regulars, .276 and .289, respectively. Between them, they have walked ONCE! The seventh and eighth batters in the lineup, Wright and Diaz, have OBPs of .313 and .432. Between them, they have walked 13 times.

The Mets have stolen 11 bases but have been caught stealing 5 times.

Hello out there. Wake up! Small ball doesn't work, especially when your bullpen stinks.


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