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Monday, April 18, 2005

MoC Reveals The Real Story Behind The Choosing of the Pope UPDATED

Did you ever wonder why all the secrecy associated with the choosing of the Pope? This is my theory. There is no election. That is just a story put out by the Cardinals to make it sound democratic. In reality, what is going on is an arm-wrestling tournament among the 116 cardinals.

The first day is spent seeding the would be popes, 1 to 116. The tournament starts on the second day with 58 matches. After the first round, the cardinals are re-seeded and the second round begins with 29 matches. In the third round, the highest remaining seed gets a bye and 14 matches are played. The highest seed rejoins the fray in the fourth round, the Elite Eight. You can figure out the rest.

Can anyone prove this is NOT the way it happens?

UPDATE: Anony supports Moc's theory: Here


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