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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

MEME'd by Gil

Gil tagged me for the Meme (not that I know what that means). First, I am surprised that I am (still) on his radar screen. Second, I don't really have time for this. Besides the fact that I am swamped at work and the chagim are not helping, my basement (along with most basements in Woodmere) was badly flooded last Friday and I have been battling to get it dry ever since. But, since I am a team player, here goes (without a whole lot of thought).

Seven Things I Can Do.

1. Sing harmony on key immediately on hearing a tune.
2. Ski and ice skate very well.
3. Make my kids laugh even when they are in bad moods.
4. Write decently.
5. Flap and Quack (my term for shmoozing people in a work setting)
6. Be on time, especially to shul.
7. Ride my bike up nasty, nasty hills.

Seven Things I Can't Do.

1. Juggle.
2. Lain the Torah.
3. Swim fast.
4. Tolerate fools.
5. Even consider hitting my kids.
6. Imagine living without MHW.
7. Play an instrument (unless you consider bongos an instrument).

Seven Things I'd Like to Do.

1. Write a book about Fosterboy.
2. See Fosterboy live happily ever after and our little foster baby end up in the right place.
3. Celebrate my 50th anniversary with MHW; I'm almost half way there (then we'll talk about 60).
4. See all my children as happily married as I am and play with my great-grandchildren.
5. Still be doing this ride when I'm 75.
6. Purchase a really serious bicycle one of these days.
7. Move to Israel asap.

I hereby tag my chaver Ben, the smartest and funniest man in the Jblogosphere.


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