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Sunday, October 02, 2005

New Year's Thoughts

I thought I'd take a brief moment to offer a couple of thoughts at this holy time of year.

1. Kibbudim: I heard this classic story from my brother, currently the president of another shul in the neighborhood. One of his well-to-do mispallilim called him to complain that he received his notification regarding his kibud (honor) for this year's Yomim Noraim (high holidays). He was upset because for the past number of years he had received an important kibud on the first day of yom tov and this year he was getting it on the second day. My brother told me the following story about this same guy (without telling me his name). A couple of years ago my brother was sitting in shul on Kol Nidre night while they were publicly announcing the pledges ( a repugnant custom that, thankfully, my shul does not practice). They announced, Announymous, $5,000. The guy sitting behind my brother tapped him on the shoulder and whispered, "That's me!". You can't make this stuff up.

2. Snoods. Ben had a thread on this a while ago and, after having spent a lot of time shopping in town for yom tov, let me add my two cents. Nashim Tzidkanios, I beseech you....Leave the snoods home. Would you go shopping in your pajamas or underwear? So why would you go shopping in your snood? It's the same thing. There. I got that off my chest.

On behalf of MHW and the rest of the MoC family, wishing you all a year of health, happiness, parnasah and Peace.



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