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Sunday, January 01, 2006


Mazal Tov! This morning in shul we gave the Baby a proper Jewish name.

After it became clear that the Baby would be staying with us for a while, we started asking about her Jewish name. It turned out that she had none. We asked our Rav about it and he felt that it was importnat that she be named properly as soon as possible but understood the constraints. We certainly could not do anything without the consent of the biological parents.

MHW has developed an excellent relationship with the Baby's mother. That is how she was able to get permission for us to take the Baby with us on our forthcoming trip to Israel. Last week MHW broached the topic of a Jewish name. Thankfully, the mother was very receptive to the idea; indeed, she seemed happy about it.

The two women agreed on a name and this morning, with the light of Rosh Chodesh and the seventh day of Chanukah shining, I was zoche (privileged) to be able to give her her beautiful name.

It have been six months since the Baby flew into our lives. May she continue to bring light into our lives.