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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Fosterboy: Slip-Sliding Away

The situation with Foster Boy is terrible. He is a mess. The residence at which he has been living for the past 18 months has largely cut us off, despite the fact that we are all the family he has. They have their own sefarah and I think they couldn't be more wrong. (This is reminiscent of what happened a few years ago when Fosterboy was hospitalized at a local hospital psych unit. The idiots at the hospital wouldn't let us visit or call because he would get upset after we left. Duh!)

They also don't 'get' Yiddishkeit at all; they are chocking off his connections. And, they still haven't properly diagnosed him (I'm not suggesting that that is such a simple matter). Despite valiant efforts, OHEL has almost no influence on the case. Apparently, possession is 9/10ths of the law in foster care and the residence has possession.

If OHEL has little to say, we have absolutely nothing to say. In fact, the residence wouldn't even allow me or MHW to attend the last group conference discussing Fosterboy's case.

All we can do is stand by and watch as this 11 year old boy self destructs. What is happening to Fosterboy is very, very sad.



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