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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hagbah Discrimination II

A while ago I posted about how I, as a virtically challenged American, am constantly discriminated against when it comes to Hagbah. I noted that since my bar mitzvah, I have been to hundreds, if not thousands of minyanim, and I've only been chosen for hagbah a handful of times. (Despite the fact that I am in excellent physical shape, can press my own weight, etc.)

Well, while over the years society has addressed other forms of discrimination, many of which have become unacceptable, hagbah discrimination continues until this day, as exemplified by the following story, maisa she'hayah.

Our older son (OOS) went to the hashkamah minyan in his shul this past Shabbos. During layning he was tapped by the gabbai and told to do hagbah.

OOS, who, at 5"6" and probably less than 140 lbs. is huge by MoC family standards, was surprised but excited. Now 22, he couldn't remember the last time he was asked to do hagbah.

Layning ended and the gabbai called, "yamdu hamagbiah v'hagolel."

OOS got up, and walked over to the Torah. Arriving at the same time was a man about 6'2" who, presumably, was called for gelilah. The man took one look at OOC, headed straight for the Torah, and without a word, took the handles and lifted the Torah above his head.

OOS is looking forward to the next time he gets called for hagbah, probably in about 5 years.



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