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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Close Call

Last night's hockey game ended with OYS sprawled out on the floor after having been viciously mauled by the best player on the other team. OYS, protecting a 2-1 lead, took the ball into the corner to run out the clock and was lined up and smashed into the wall with 5 seconds to play. His right knee took the brunt of the hit. It was as big a cheap shot as I have seen in 9 years of watching hockey. Very scary moment.

Luckily, OYS seems fine this morning. After a few minutes, he was able to walk off the court and had full range of motion in his knee. He iced the knee last night and, against his wishes, took some Advil to reduce the swelling.

Ironically, OYS is a camp friend of the kid who nailed him. He has been to our house and I actually like this kid but he is out of control on the hockey court. He has been out of control on the hockey court for the four years that I've watched him but the refs have let him get away with it. (He is also a very talented hockey player, not merely a goon). After the game, the kid apologized and seemed genuinely sorry.

I hold the refs partly responsible for what happened last night. It could easily have ended OYS's hockey career (or much worse, it was that bad). I don't wish this kid bad, but he should, at a minimum, be suspended for a game or two.

It was too bad that the game ended this way because until that point, it was a great game. Despite the close score, OYS's team dominated the game and only because the other team's goalie made countless excellent saves was the score not more reflective of the domination. The defense smothered the other team and the offensive effort (despite missing two of their best forwards) was relentless.

In any event, it was, perhaps, the best all around game that OYS has ever played and he more or less controlled the game from his defensive position. (Full disclosure: As I have stated several times when blogging about OYS's hockey exploits, I am his father and you may think this is not objective, trust me, I am not exaggerating; perhaps the opposite).

At the end of the day, we are just grateful that OYS is, B'H. ok and look forward to the next game.



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