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Monday, November 20, 2006

Random Fantasies

I was convinced to join an NFL Fantasy league this year by the prominent Jblogger and crazy Jets fan, Joe Schick.

I was somewhat reluctant since I know almost nothing about the current NFL. Nevertheless, being a good sport, I became the sixth and final member of the league.

I prepared for the draft by talking to one of my colleagues, the data guy at my firm, who basically has no life and takes this stuff very seriously. He gave me a "cheat sheet" to follow with all the players ranked, by position. I lucked out by getting the first pick and, at dataguy's recommendation, picked LaDamlian Tomlinson. The draft went relatively well for a few more rounds until something went wrong and the computer started picking for me automatically.

I ended up with a fairly good offense and a fairly bad defense (or so I've been told). I promptly made things worse by dropping good players instead of benching them (to deal with bye weeks).

Joe sportingly tried to help and, in fact, did give me some good advice.

Predictably, my record dropped to 1 - 6 after seven weeks, owing to a combination of bad luck (I lost one week by 1 point and another because I played the guy with the highest total of the week), and and am ha'aratzus.

Then, things started to change. And, it had nothing to do with any newfound genious on my part. It had to do, mainly, with LaDamlian Tomlinson. He started going berserk, scoring about three touchdowns each week for the last six weeks. So, I now find myself at 4 - 7 after winning three out of four.

Totally random.



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