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Monday, May 18, 2009

Nothing to Prove

Yesterday, I rode 75 kilometers at a lovely organized ride in Norwalk, CT., called the Bloomin' Metric. I was riding with a group of friends from past Alyn rides and was planning to do the full metric century when I ditched at mile 25 and decided to do the shorter option.

It had been a very cold and wet morning. My toes were cold (although the rest of me was very comfortable; I had dressed perfectly for the conditions save for not wearing my polypropylene booties) and my right knee was still sore. In contrast to the previous Sunday, which had been glorious, this was not the type of day that I would have particularly enjoyed another 17 miles on the road.

I zipped back to the base (the last 20 miles were pretty easy). I was back in my car by 11:30 and home an hour later. One hour after that, I was at the Kulanu fair with MHW and the Vance. And, since I didn't work too hard over the 45 miles, I wasn't useless the rest of the day (as I might have been had I done the full 62).

All in all, a good decision.

My point? Once you've done the Alyn ride, you can make mature decisions like this because no one can accuse you of wimping out.



  • At 11:52 AM, Blogger sruli said…

    i hear.

  • At 5:41 PM, Anonymous Moshe C. said…

    Well, that means that all the rest of us, especially those in MMFW, who have not done (and likely never will do) Alyn, will - forever - have something left to prove... oh well... I guess yesterday's 50 miles were not enough then. Sigh...


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