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Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Does anyone really eat Macaroons? We seem to buy a tin every year but I don't recall anyone in my house ever actually eating one. In fact, I don't recall ever seeing anyone eat a macaroon. For sure no one eats them after Pesach. People engage in cognitive dissonance by keeping them around for about three months after Pesach and then throwing them out rather than just throwing them out the day after Pesach.

A couple of years ago I figured out a solution. In my shul we have a ne'ilas hachag (a gathering marking the end of the holiday) on the last afternoon of Pesach and everyone is asked to bring in unopened Pesach foods. I just bring my tin of Macaroons. Then the shalosh seudos committee of the shul is stuck with them for three months until they throw them out.

Why do we buy them in the first place? What kind of silly question is that? It's Pesach. You have to buy macaroons.


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