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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

What About Shalosh Seudos???

The Young Israel of Woodmere is hosting Richard Joel as "scholar in residence" this Shabbos. On the schedule is this:

"At 5:45pm, between Mincha and Maariv, Mr. Joel will speak on 'To Dare To Dream: Unlocking The Power And Potential Of The Modern Orthodox Movement'.

I don't know Richard Joel at all. I'm sure he is a nice man and a very capable administrator. Probably a good public speaker. But it occurred to me that if you wanted to unlock the power and potential of the MO movement, wouldn't you be better off having a hartzigah shalosh seudos with zmiros and divrei Torah? It seems to me that the MO movement suffers from the very replacement of the singing and comaraderie that comes with shalosh seudos with lectures about politics and other subjects (but not Torah) such as this one.

There is plenty of power in the Seudah of Yakov Avinu. It has worked for thousands of years. Why don't we try unlocking ITS power.


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