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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Four Thousand Questions

B'H, our seders were, once again, very beautiful. They were small, with only the immediate family, including for the first time (for the first seder) our daughter-in-law and grandson )not yet ready for ma-nishtanah). Our only 'guest' was Fosterboy.

Fosterboy stays with us three weekends out of four and he was with us for the first days of Pesach. I calculated that in his eleven Pesachs, he has been at no fewer than 8 different seders. This was his second with us.

As the youngest he got to ask the four questions but he did not stop there. He asked questions about the seder all night with an energy that is hard to comprehend.

Dealing with his questions was not easy but our kids handled it with great humor and patience. They were great.

Every day, not just at the seder, Fosterboy has so many questions about so many things. We have so many questions about him. But we have no answers.


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