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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Pesach Rocks!

I'm really getting tired of all the whining about Pesach. Everyone knows it takes a lot of work, a llot of time, and a lot of money to clean, shop and cook for Pesach. Big deal.

As it is, things in Yiddishkeit have generally become so easy that our children hardly ever see their parents being moser nefesh. Pesach is a time for them to experience that (and to chip in when they get old enough).

As Dilbert recently said, we just have to stop complaining. We have to think about how lucky we are to spend Pesach with our loved ones and recognize that all of the work is well worth it.

I am so psyched for Pesach that I have shpilkis.

Pesach Rocks.

A freilichin yom tov to all.


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