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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

We Interrupt This Narrative....

...For a few words on music.

My avelus (mourning period) for my father, Shmuel ben Moshe David, z'l, ended on Monday evening. Yesterday, I bought an Ipod. I was going to buy a Nano but they didn't have any in stock. Then I realized how silly it would have been to buy an Nano when, for $50, more, I was able to get a regular Ipod with 30 GBs rather than the Nano's 4.

Last night my son hooked up the Ipod and uploaded a few of my CDs. The first thing that I listened to was Aron Razel's new CD which is a Live in Concert CD. Two thoughts: First, after going without music for twelve months, I realized how important music is in my life and, two, I realized how great Aron Razel is. It is one of the freshest live albums I've heard, certainly the best live Jewish music CD that I've heard in a very long time.


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