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Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Baby, Part VI

What is an alter cocker like me doing with an infant?

I am reminded of something I saw almost ten years ago. I took my younger son to register for the Young Israel Fall soccer season. Also registering his son was a man about ten years older than my 40 years and older still than most of the parents, who were in their 30s. He and his wife had already raised a passle of kids and had had another one much later in life. The look on his face said, "Gadzooks, what am I doing here?"

This story crosses my mind from time to time because of our current circumstances. When we walk to shul with the Baby, we mingle with parents who are 25 years younger than we. Indeed, we have a grandson older than the Baby! In fact, most people think that that is who is in the stroller. When they see pink you can see their minds working. "Didn't they have a grandSON?" But I digress.

Last night I remarked to MHW that it's so funny that no matter where you put the baby in the crib, she ends up sleeping with her head lodged in a corner. I asked if she remembered if our other kids did that. Neither of us remembered.

There's a lot of stuff that we don't remember about raising our biological kids. I suppose we are going to forget all these little quirks about The Baby.



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