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Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Baby's Down With Chicken Soup

The baby has not been eating much. She drinks like a champ but is not much interested in rice cereal, plums, apple sauce or any kind of vegetable (Would you be?). About the only thing she will eat (grudgingly) is a smushed banana. This has been somewhat frustrating because (a) we have thrown out many a jar of baby food, and (b) she gets most of the food on her cheeks and nose and makes a prety big mess. Notwithstanding her lack of interest in food, she is doing quite well, ranking very high in the height department (clearly not a biological member of the MoC klan) and doing very well in the weight category as well.

Nevertheless, we are concerned. MHW, a speech and language pathologist who specializes in infants by trade, is worried about something called texture. MHW says it's important for a baby's development that she gets a feel for different textures. Who am I, a lowly corporate lawyer whose last science class was 9th grade biology, to argue?

So, I was very pleased this past Shabbos when the baby sucked down a whole cup of chicken soup on Friday night. Those of you who have followed this blog for a while know that I believe, b'emunah sh'leima, that chicken soup is the ultimate food without a weekly portion of which it barely pays to live. So you can imagine my delight at the baby's liking of soup. And, it got even better. On Shabbos afternoon, we had a minestrone that MHW prepared in the crockpot. Again, the baby went ga ga for the soup. And, tonight, our older daughter reported that the baby ate another huge helping of the minsetrone for dinner (we were at a wedding).

It does not solve MHW's texture issue but, hey, we've got to work on one issue at a time. At least she's eating something that is not formula.

I suspect that the baby instinctively understands what is important to the patriarch of the Moc family and is trying to ingratiate herself with him. It is working.



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