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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


After my father, z'l, passed away on Thanksgiving, 2004, I decided to produce a CD in his memory. He was very connected to Jewish music and I thought this would be a fitting tribute. It helped that I am connected to a number of contemporary Jewish musicians.

It didn't help that I knew absolutely nothing about producing a CD. In fact, I literally didn't (and still don't) understand the difference between a major and minor key. But I have done many things in my life without knowing what I was talking about and decided I would push on, relying heavily on my friends.

I originally targeted my father's first Yahrtzeit, mid-December 2005. That turned out to be overly optimistic for many reasons. In fact, I only really got started in earnest after the first yahtzeit.

But now I am close. The CD will have 11 songs. One from Chaim Dovid, one from Shlomo Katz, one from Chaim Dovid and Shlomo Katz, two from Aron Razel, one from Yosef Karduner, one from Avraham Rosenblum, one from Eitan Katz, one from Nochie Krohn and one, a haunting niggun performed by Shlomo Katz, was written by my Rebbe's son-in-law, Binyamin Tepfer. Nochie Krohn will also cover a very old Carlebach niggun that has rarely been recorded.

With the exception of the Carlebach niggun, none of these tunes has ever been recorded. Some are new (3 were actually written in our home over the years) and some are very old (Avraham Rosenblum's contribution was written pre-Diaspora Yeshiva Band) All 11 of the songs are in one stage of completion or another. A few are finished, some need to be mixed and a couple still need some more music. If all goes well, we will start mastering in a month.

At this point, I am pretty excited. I think the CD has potential to be excellent. The net proceeds of this project will go to subsidize musical gigs at my shul (all the musicians are connected to the shul and have donated their own time and granted me a one-time royalty free right to use the songs in this CD ; they retain ownership). And, if it is moderately successful, I may try to do it again.



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