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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Time to Assemble the Bike

I have not been on my bike since I finished last year's Alyn Hospital Charity Bike Ride on November 10th. (I have been spinning; I started that as soon as my tusch healed enough to sit on a seat). In fact, the bike is still sitting in its travel box.

Yesterday I received a notice from Alyn regarding this year's ride. In a twist, we are starting in Jerusalem on October 29th and ending in Eilat on November 2nd. I'm not crazy about this idea because the climactic climb to Jerusalem on the last day has been thrilling both times I've done the ride. I can't see much emotion being generated by riding into Eilat.

On the other hand, who really cares. North-South, South-North. Riding for 5 days in the southern part of Israel for a good cause is what it's really about.

The best news is that they are finally splitting off the stronger riders. There will be three separate rides. One for the off road meshuganas, one for relatively sane roadies (60 miles a day) and one for lunatic roadies, 80 miles a day (400 miles total).

80 Miles a day for five days is a lot of riding. Even for strong riders, that is nothing to sneeze at. If you ride at the relatively mellow pace of 15 miles an hour, that's a good 5.5 hours on the seat each day. Oh boy. The corollary is that there will not be a lot of sitting around waiting for slow riders at rest stops or lunches like the past two years. That has been my biggest complaint about the ride.

Only 8 months to go. Assemble the Bike! Grease the chain! Load up on the Chamois Butt'r!

I'm pumped!


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