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Thursday, February 08, 2007


I spent 40 minutes on the phone yesterday afternoon with a man who may be interested in fostering and possibly adopting "Judah" (f/k/a Fosterboy). His wife will be calling MHW tonight to follow up.

My first impression of him is extremely positive. We had a very frank talk and nothing I said seemed to discourage him. (I do not hold back anything in my conversations about Judah. To do so would be idiotic. Anyone taking this on must go in with eyes wide open. I would rather discourage pretenders early rather than waste peoples' time and arose false hopes). I believe he and his wife may be the real deal.

The new candidate became aware of Judah indirectly through my earlier post, "A Home of His Own" So, I am grateful to all of my fellow bloggers who, at my request, linked to that post. Almost everyone responded graciously and immediately and to the extent this turns out successfully, you all have a chailek. (No thanks to those who couldn't take the time to link or even respond to my repeated emails.)



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