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Friday, April 23, 2004

I'm Confused

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I'm a kanoi (zealot) when it comes to the importance of Seudah Shlishis (the Third Meal on Shabbos). In particular what disturbes me is the widespread tendency of MO shuls in the metropolitan area to replace seudah shlishis with lectures, often of a political or ideological nature having nothing to do with Torah or Shabbos.

(For a sample of my rantings, check here, here and here.)

So, when I saw an email this week from the Young Israel of Woodmere about another non-Torah related lecture during the time of Seudah Shlishis, my reaction should have been, "Oh no. Here we go again."

But that wasn't my reaction. The lecture is being given my Joey Asch, a captain in the reserves of the Israeli Navy Seals. His topic is 'The Offensive in Jenin'.

If I were consistent, I would say that this lecture falls exactly into the category that I scream about as having nothing to do with Torah or Shabbos or Yiddishkeit. But I know this is different. This is not the president of YU or of the OU talking about ideology or a politician talking about politics. This is a Jew who put his life on the line for other Jews and who can describe how Yidden are different even in the way they wage war.

I know that there is an opportunity for him to have a great impact on the kehilah, to create tremendous hisorurus. Isn't that what seudah shlishis is all about?


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