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Friday, May 07, 2004

More on JM PR

BloginDm started the thread about the new Shiny Shoe musician who bragged about his fast selling debut CD that hadn't come out yet. Velvel and I followed up and so did Dm.

Yesterday, in the Five Towns Jewish Week, I saw an over the top "review" of this CD. Since Dm does not have access to this newspaper, I decided to pick it up the thread myself.

The review starts:

"From the 'land down under' comes a singing sensation who is destined to become Jewish Music's newest superstar".

And then:

"Truly an extraordinary artist"...

His album is "proof positive that [he] possesses the musical talent of which such musical legends as MBD and Avraham Fried are made, but make no mistake about it - the Melbourne born and bred young performer is clearly in a league of his own.

"His album is "truly a treasury of musical gems"...

"Those who have been fortunate to see [him] perform in person have long awaited the fruition of his dream of recording an album..."

Finally: "Those who are hearing Australia's celebrated Jewish music performer for the first time on his debut album, run - don't walk! - to the nearest Jewish music store to purchase [the album]".

Not suprisingly, there is a paid ad for this CD elsewhere in the newspaper.

In the ad, it is described as "An album that needs no 'catchphrase'"

Since the CD has not yet been released but is "selling fast", I would advise you to run - don't walk - to your nearest time machine to get to Lag B'omer so that you can purchase this CD before it sells out.