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Monday, October 11, 2004

MoC Needs Your Help!!!!

My bike is dis-assembled and packed and I'm ready to go. I will be leaving for Israel in almost exactly one week and I'll be on the road starting in the Negev and ending in Jerusalem (300 miles altogether) for 5 days starting October 24th. I'm so excited I couldn't sleep last night.

Only one problem. I'm getting close but I still haven't reached my goal of raising $10,000 for Alyn Hospital, Israel's only pediatric rehab hospital and the organizer of the bike tour.

So, if anyone wants to help out the old MO'ster, click here and sponsor me. If you know who I am (which is just about the gantzer velt) use my name in the sponsor box. If you don't, just put in MoChassid and they will know where to allocate it.

Please note that the riders pay their own ways, many of the goods and services used during the bike tour are donated, and most of the work organizing the tour is done by unpaid volunteers. Consequently, a very high percentage of every dollar you give goes straight to the children of Alyn.

MoC and his creaky old bones thank you from the bottom of his heart.


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