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Monday, March 24, 2008


As a keen observer of the human condition (and one who walks 35 minutes a day between Penn Station and work), I have noticed that many women are wearing ridiculously high heals and wedges. (Why they subject themselves to this discomfort and ankle danger is beyond the scope of today's post, but, nevertheless, remains a pelah)

This fashion trend has apparently spread to a part of the MoC household, namely, to OYD. My diminutive younger daughter recently purchased a monstrous pair of wedges for Shabbos that she rolled out this past Friday evening. We live almost a mile from shul so, no dummy she, OYD brought with her a bag containing a pair of flat shoes to wear on the walk home (we drive to shul).

(As she left the house, I noted that, notwithstanding the four or so inches that the wedges add to her stature, she was still short).

After shul, as OOD, OYD and I were about to return home, OYD asked whether she could sleep over at a friend's house. I thought that was strange (since she hadn't mentioned it and had not brought any overnight stuff with her). I asked her why. She said that she had forgotten her flat shoes in the car and would not be able to manage the 9/10s of a mile in her wedges. D'oh!

(An aside. It is hard to understand how two girls that were brought up by the same parents,in the same house, in the same community, in the same schools, could be so different when it comes to style (and virtually everything else). OOD, equally diminutive, hates to wear heels (even when they are appropriate) and would never be caught dead in four inch wedges. Ailu, V'ailu).

I suppose I could have taught her a lesson and made her walk home anyway (either bear foot or in pain) but, being a nice guy, I let it slide and she slept over her at her friend's house which is a block or so from shul.

OYD was very pleased when I brought her another pair of flats to wear home on Shabbos.



  • At 5:01 PM, Blogger OOD said…

    OOD, equally diminutive...

    I'm two inches taller

  • At 10:01 AM, Blogger MoChassid said…

    Yes, you're huge.

  • At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Robert J. Avrech said…

    I once worked on a film with a wardrobe designer who explained to me that when she desigs clothing for an actress she always works "from the shoes up because footwear is the soul of a woman's fashion experience."


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