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Friday, April 09, 2004

Jewish Action/Jewish Blogging

An interesting column in the Spring 5764 issue of Jewish Action (the OU's quarterly publication) on Jewish blogging that I first identified here on March 17th is now online.

Torah Umadda or Torah V'taiva??

Also in the current issue of Jewish Action is a series of articles commemorating Rav Aharon Lichtenstein's 70th birthday. Most fascinating is an exchange between Dr. William Kolbrener, a professor at Bar Ilan University and Rav Lichtenstein himself. Dr. Kolbrener critically examines Rav Lichtensteins 1997 seminal essay, "Torah and General Culture: Confluence and Conflict" in relation to the current academic scene. (You will have to scroll down a couple of pages on the PDF file to get to the exchange).

I have read Dr. Kolbrener's essay but not Rav Lichtenstein's response. I will comment after I have had a chance to read through both a couple of times. They both use a lot of big words so I have to really concentrate.


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