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Wednesday, May 05, 2004


AidelMaidel added me to her blog links. She is a "nice Jewish Girl in NYC" who has recently given birth to her second daughter (mazel tov!!). Many of her recent posts have been about her recent pregnancy (which, she feared, would never end). I enjoy reading her stuff because it brings me back to the days when we were in that 'parsha', having been in diapers for 12 straight years spread out over four kids.

Her babies just got colds (refuah sh'leimah). How do I break it to her that it only gets worse when the kids get to school. And that the more little kids you have the more likely that colds get recycled within the family numerous times?

Nevertheless, as I'm sure she already knows, it's all worth it.

UPDATE: AidelMaidel is in serious need of a hug. Now her husband is sick and the Bikur Cholim meals are running out soon. Cookie recommends Pizza. That's good advice for the meals. Unfortunately there is nothing she can do about the colds except wait them out.


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