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Friday, June 04, 2004

J Music According To MoC

Jonathan over at House of Hock recently engaged the issue of Jewish Music blogging and included this blog in his discussion.

JewishFringe responded here.

Velvel weighed in recently with commentators on Jewish Rock and Shiny Shoe music respectively.

And, yesterday, Menachem Butler at Village Idiots, linked to Menachem Wecker, who raised the issue (in the context of a Blue Fringe/Soulfarm concert), what is Jewish Music?

Brother Bob and Matt commented that the issue is not what is Jewish Music but rather what is Orthodox or Halachic music. I think they have crystalized the issue that concerns me. My interest is not what is or isn't Jewish music. It's what is or isn't acceptable from a hashkafic and halachic perspective.

Take a few examples of music that is unquestionably Jewish. On the one hand, Jewish Rock from Avraham Rosenblum can be very holy while Shiny Shoe Music with lyrics from Tehilim from a Chassidishe Yid who wears a gartle can be entirely unholy. (Dm recently posted a Rabbinic condemnation of a 'Chassidishe Pop gig in London). On the other, Jewish Rock played by Jewish bands at a treif club like BB King's can be very unholy and Chassidishe music played by the Breslover Chassid Yosef Karduner can take one to incredible heights of d'veykus.

I have a lot to say on this topic and other JM topics but I am completely swamped and have no time. I will try to address these issues over the coming days and weeks.


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