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Friday, April 29, 2005

Maybe I Will Finally Gain Some Weight

The press release about my new job came out a little more than 2 hours ago. My phone has not stopped ringing since and I am getting all kinds of emails. I have even heard from two people whom I haven't seen since 1991.

I will be at my current job for 15 more business days. I have already set up lunches with 8 (now 9) people so far, all important people with whom I will be dealing in my new position.

I lost 12 pounds training for last year's bike ride, and, despite not training nearly as hard since the ride, have actually lost a couple more pounds. I know this is a problem a lot of people would like to have but I have reached the point where I'm ridiculously thin and need to put on a couple of lbs.

Maybe the new job is the anwer.


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