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Friday, April 29, 2005

Reyes Watch UPDATED

If all goes according to plan tonight, Jose Reyes of the Mets will lead off and get his 100th at bat without a walk. It is almost unfathomable, but he has not walked once in 96 at bats this year. What is equally unfathomable is that Silly Willie refuses to even consider moving him from the leadoff spot despite his OBP of .271, the worst of any regular on the team.

What's more, Reyes has not even had one count of 3 - 0 or even 3 - 1 ALL YEAR!

Two pitchers on the Mets staff have more walks than Reyes. Ich kenesht.


Reyes had 13 more at bats over the weekend and did not walk. He is up to 109 plate appearances without a walk. His batting average is .257 and his OBP is .264 (he must have been hit with a pitch this weekend). Nevertheless, he is still leading off.

David Wright, on the other hand, is now batting over .300, his OBP is .421 and his slugging average is .532. He is still batting seventh.

The better news is that at least Silly Willie is starting to understand that Mike Piazza is washed up. He finally moved him to number five in the batting order and replaced him at 4 with the Mets' hottest hitter, Cliff Floyd. Piazza should probably be 6th or 7th (or on the bench or in the American League) but at least it's a start.