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Sunday, March 12, 2006

On the Road Again: Polyurethane Man

I finally got on my bike again. Friday was a beautiful day and the weather forecast for the rest of the weekend was pretty good, so on Friday morning I called MHW and asked her to bring by disassembled bike to the shop to be put together (I have not gotten on the bike since the end of the Alyn Ride, in November).

I went to the vasikin minyan this morning and was on the bike by 7:15. It was still pretty cold that early so I put on polyurethane arm warmers, polyurethane leggings, polyurethane shoe covers, a polyurethane headband that covers my ears, a long sleeve undershirt and a windbreaker. I was ready for anything. Except rain. Which it did, on the way home. Polyurethane cannot keep the wet out and when you get wet, you get cold. So, the last twenty-five minutes were pretty cold. But, after the experiences I had during the two days in the Golan Heights during last year's Alyn ride, nothing will ever phase me again.

And, there is nothing like a hot shower when you get back from a ride like this morning's. 8 months to go till the ride.


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