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Sunday, December 17, 2006


Today, OYD and I took "Judah" (f/k/a Fosterboy) ice skating. OYD loves to skate. I also love to skate but it's been a few years since I've done it. MHW and I used to take the kids skating all the time. (And, I made my first moves on MHW on a skating rink).

Judah, on the other hand, had never ice skated. Last month when he visited he asked me if I could take him skating next visit. I thought that was random but agreed. And, since Judah never forgets anything (hence, I ended up on a fishing boat in October), off we went.

I was able to find an almost brand new pair of hockey skates in the basement, skates that OYS probably wore three times.

When we got to the rink, I laced him up and he was off before I could get my own skates on. After a half revolution going the wrong way, Judah righted himself. He started skating right away, as if he had been doing it for years. Amazing. And, of course, he tried going as fast as he could (like any other 12 year old boy). So, he ended up splattered on the ice about 20 times but was no worse for wear.

After skating we had a very lovely Chanukah dinner with that part of the family that had not moved off to Israel. Judah had a great time (meatballs and spaghetti, his favorite) and The Toddler enjoyed herself, following him around again.

The sad part was when the volunteer came to take him back to the residence before we were really finished with dinner. He was momentarily very angry but did a great job controlling himself. The volunteer was very gracious and waited for a half hour.

We packed him up with his Chanukah present, extra meatballs, chicken soup, sufganiot (jelly donuts) and chocolate and sent him on his way. By the time he left he was fine.

But its always very sad.



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