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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Is it only me or are you also tired of all the holiday E-Cards?

I'm all for saving trees but these things are annoying. It used to be that I'd get the cards, open them quickly, read them and throw them in the trash.

Now, if you don't open them, the senders KNOW that you didn't open them so you HAVE to open them to prevent bad feelings.



  • At 3:41 AM, Blogger 驢仔 said…


    I laugh when I read your post.

    May be you, as many other people, would think that sending an ecard is not as same as the tranditional one. Yes! Many guide just select one free ecard and then fill in some letters and click 'send' within 1 min.

    So I like some special ecard, which can show how much effort I pay to create it. You may try You can create your own 3D ecard! Well, it may take about 15mins or longer, but I think my friends would be happier as I make the ecard manually^^.

    Hope you have fun with it.


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