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Friday, July 09, 2004

Dissed by Debra

As a reward for having provided her the best lines in her Jewish Week article about J Blogging, to wit:

Lots of bloggers “do not let facts get in the way of their arguments,” wrote Modern Orthodox Chassid (,

“You have 19-year-olds who have never so much as opened a Chassidishe sefer [holy book] spending most of their time denigrating Chassidus; porn-meisters waxing on about everything Jewish; unmarried 20-year-olds pontificating about raising Jewish children; single cretins who probably haven’t had a date in five years giving dating advice; self-described wackos who scream and curse about the depravity of eating meat, and people like me, who don’t know the difference between a minor key and a major, going on ad nauseum about Jewish music.”

“Aggression is key; facts secondary,” posted MOChassid. “We may not win the debate but we’re having fun along the way.”
Debra Nussbaum Cohen dismisses this blog as someone "whose main interest seems to be what music gets played at Jewish weddings".

Clearly, Ms. Nussbaum Cohen has failed to do her research. Hasn't she read my deep and profound insights reagrding chicken soup, TastyKakes, meh, macaroons, and grammar?

What was she thinking?


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